How to Tone and Strengthen the Female Reproductive Organs

How to Tone and Strengthen the Female Reproductive Organs

For centuries, women have used herbs to take care of their hormonal system. Generations of grandmother and mothers from ancient cultures have passed on wisdom and knowledge of herbal combinations to regulate period, ease pain, help with the process of childbirth, and...

All About Insomnia

Have you been getting enough Zzzz's? Or waking up in the middle of the night? Or on your iPhone reading news in bed? Let's explore some acupressure points to get you some Zzz's. Part of the building blocks for immunity is to rest, sleep, and getting REM in. Also,...
Immunity Through Mushrooms

Immunity Through Mushrooms

There's no better time than now to work on enhancing our immunity through natural foods. Today, we will look at medicinal mushrooms you can find, cook, or supplements that you can look into to boost immunity. Of course, some might be familiar with certain psychedelic...

Healing with Qi Gong for reproductive health

Create a Qi Energy Ball for internal healing: We are going to make a Qi Ball today. This is a simple practice that you can do before your period or anytime when you feel the need to feel energized.Qi Gong is an ancient cultivation practice from the East. Qi Ball...


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