The Proven Health Benefits of Sleep Hygiene and Herbs

Sleep is required for all people, it repairs the body and helps you release the stress that accumulates during the day. It also helps with memory consolidation, so you are more likely to remember what you learned in school. Nearly one-third of people suffer from sleep...

All About Insomnia

Have you been getting enough Zzzz's? Or waking up in the middle of the night? Or on your iPhone reading news in bed? Let's explore some acupressure points to get you some Zzz's. Part of the building blocks for immunity is to rest, sleep, and getting REM in. Also,...

October is Mental Health Month

October is Mental Health Month. Here are my top tips to stay sharp and my secret acronym I'm sharing (that I put on my wall): MEDS. Guess what it is. Let's dive in.  
How Digestion and Elimination Influence Sleep

How Digestion and Elimination Influence Sleep

How digestion and elimination influence sleep and more. And why I ask if you poop every day. We will dive into: Why the best way to sleep better is to improve the health of your microbiome. The hormone, Serotonin is the building block for Melatonin, the sleep hormone....


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