Stepping into your greater potential, with Johnny Blackburn, author of Eternal Rising

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Today, I welcome my guest, Johnny Blackburn, who is a friend I’ve known for many years.

Johnny is a professional coach, speaker, and facilitator who empowers others to discover and to live in deeper Presence.
He is a respected authority in the human embodiment, connection, and professional performance.

His background includes management consulting, a Master’s degree in Psychology, and more than 3000+ hours working as a professional certified coach.

Johnny and I have referred patients/clients to each other throughout our careers. He works with individuals, couples, and teams, and runs workshops, retreats, and group training in the US and abroad.

His work integrates some of the best practices for self-healing as he integrates personal development, connecting authentically, and breakthroughs in Spiritual Awareness. We share a common interest in Tai Chi, Qi Gong, & Breathing techniques.

Because of this mission to empower 💪🏻 and accelerate the evolution of humanity, I think it's super relevant to the current climate and how people are feeling in their physical, emotional & spiritual bodies. His work helps to heal, connect, develop, and awaken our greater human potential.

I got him to talk about his new 📖 book, Eternal Rising and had some big talk on:

– The human evolution
– Awakening during this time
– Working with the emotional body, physical & subtle energy like Qi
– Divine Female and Male Energy
– And some eye-opening concepts that will enrich your worldview

It's so powerful and so inspiring to listen to him talk about standing tall and sovereign to serve others during this time.

He can be found at


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