Changing Seasons, Improve Immunity and Vitality

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Why Changing Season is the time to boost immunity

Welcoming Autumn, enhancing immunity (prevent cold, allergies..) vitality and emotional balance. Next lets look at some Food to Emphasize and to reduce this season.

In the Chinese Medicine tradition, the flavor of fall is pungent and should be balanced with sour.

Pungent foods have been known to stimulate blood circulation and, have a natural ability to help break down accumulation in the body.

In most cuisines, they are commonly combined with protein and with foods high in fat. These foods include scallions, daikon radish (or dried daikon), ginger, peppers, wasabi (dry mustard), and horseradish.

Pungent taste gives off a hot, dispersing energy and is beneficial to the lungs and colon. However, an excess of these foods can irritate the intestines. So we can combine them with a little sourness.

The safe number is about 5% of your meal should have some pungent taste.

And to balance this, add some sourness constrict slightly the energy. We can add a little lemon, lime or pickles.

The use of proper flavor ensures the body’s mucosa stays moist and warm. And also help to prevent infection.

We want to prevent eating foods that are too damp/ too cold in nature as they can cause congestion in the Lungs.


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