Four Breathing Techniques to reset your Central Nervous System (CNS)

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There has been so MUCH going on with the world.

Right now, there are protests and unrest across the country with Black Lives Matter.

Even when I am not personally involved in the tug of war, I feel the anger, resentment, and hurt.

Many people feel it and you might too. I know many who can’t sleep, struggle to concentrate and feel a weight on their heart from all the pain.


Speaking too much, watching the news, not sleeping, grieving, angry, sadness.. all put stress in our lungs and voicebox.

Over time, our mental stress shows up physically in our bodies.

It can cause shortness of breath and other physical symptoms like pain, headache, fever, nose bleed (yep), palpitations, insomnia…

Right now, you might not have any control over the current situation. But you can control over 1 thing.

Your breath.

If you live, you breathe. Breathing techniques used in Yoga, Taichi, and Qi Gong can help you to reset your Central Nervous System and to relieve some symptoms of anxiety and stress.

Here are 4 breathing techniques to nourish your lungs, calm the Central Nervous System (CNS) and reset.

1) Alternate nostril breathing – calms down anger, irritation, and turbulent emotions

2) Equal breathing – calms and neutralizes energy, resetting the body, and helps to think clearly.

4) Deep breathing – nourishes the lungs. Used when you have overspent your energy in speaking/outpouring of emotions.

5) Humming – Tuning in to reset anxiety and reduce stress

All these techniques are the tools you have in your pocket. You don't have to buy anything.

And Breathing is free.

So check out these techniques. I've also posted a poll for you to take. Take the poll so that I know your level of stress, from 1-10.

I wish you peace and a long life,





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