Are you on these micronutrients?

As the seasons change, our menstrual cycle will also shift. A good diet with positive lifestyle modifications can help avoid menstrual cycle symptoms.  Want to know a few tips for minimizing your symptoms? We can discourse on supplements all day, but it is also...
An abnormal menstrual cycle? 9 signs to look for

An abnormal menstrual cycle? 9 signs to look for

What is an abnormal menstrual cycle? Having a regular cycle is important for a women's health and well-being. In Chinese Medicine, Blood is considered a Yin substance. Women's hormones are considered Yin. When Yin is flowing, regulated, and well-balanced, we feel good...

Episode 21: Special Tea for Monthly Flow

Chinese herbs have varied uses and many benefits. In my office, I do custom herbs combinations for each person according to their particular constitution. Of all the teas, I enjoy making this particular tea during my own period/Flow...


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