Episode 27: Seeing Other People As Human Beings

by | Jul 3, 2020 | Podcasts | 0 comments

A Guided Meditation of Awareness: Seeing Other People as Human Beings rather than Labels. I chose this topic during this time as we are spotlighting inequalities around the world. When I reflect on this topic, my stomach turns and I feel this heaviness in my heart. With all the stories that I have read and heard, I feel a sense of deep compassion. I am sure you also have many emotions on many levels and in the process of making sense of your world. You might agree or not agree on certain topics but there is a need for an increase of awareness around racial inequalities. Also, with an increase in awareness, we can extend and open our minds to include other people in society that are different from us. I want to share some tools for applying increased mindfulness in your day-to-day. Let's start with this mindfulness practice, Everyday Active Mindfulness.


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