Are you on these micronutrients?

As the seasons change, our menstrual cycle will also shift. A good diet with positive lifestyle modifications can help avoid menstrual cycle symptoms.  Want to know a few tips for minimizing your symptoms? We can discourse on supplements all day, but it is also...

An abnormal menstrual cycle? 9 signs to look for

An abnormal menstrual cycle? 9 signs to look for

What is an abnormal menstrual cycle? Having a regular cycle is important for a women's health and well-being. In Chinese Medicine, Blood is considered a Yin substance. Women's hormones are considered Yin. When Yin is flowing, regulated, and well-balanced, we feel good...

The Proven Health Benefits of Sleep Hygiene and Herbs

Sleep is required for all people, it repairs the body and helps you release the stress that accumulates during the day. It also helps with memory consolidation, so you are more likely to remember what you learned in school. Nearly one-third of people suffer from sleep...

Summer is here

Summer is here! Hydration is important. Here are 5 ways water can benefit your health Download the infographics here: Hydration for the Summer    

REAL TALK: Ask me anything about your cycle health

Want to know one of my five secrets to have a smooth and regular menstrual cycle? The format I use to help regulate my cycle, with no surprises! How to balance hormones during different phases of your cycle to prevent breakouts, regulates thyroid hormone levels,...

Online Course Door Open!

Online Course Door Open!

The door is open! The class is starting soon.  Taming the Tiger of (PMS) A 6-week online course to revamp your cycle and reduce PMS  Learn new approaches to understand, revamp, and embrace your cycle. Work with your body to optimize productivity and energy - without...


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