Episode 24: All About Flower Essence

I'm passionate about empowering people to live with less stress. Flower essences are a safe, effective tool that anyone can use to bring their emotions back into balance. Life is too short to be out of balance. Today’s guest is Susi Vine, a flower essence practitioner...

Episode 21: Special Tea for Monthly Flow

Chinese herbs have varied uses and many benefits. In my office, I do custom herbs combinations for each person according to their particular constitution. Of all the teas, I enjoy making this particular tea during my own period/Flow days.

Episode 20: ALL About Sleep and Why You Need More

Have you been getting enough Zzzz's? Or are you waking up in the middle of the night? Are you on your iPhone reading news in bed? Let's explore some acupressure points to get you some Zzz's. Part of the building blocks for immunity is to get a good night's rest,...

Episode 19: Immunity Through Mushrooms

There's no better time than now to work on enhancing our immunity through natural foods like mushrooms. Today we will look at medicinal mushrooms you can find, cook, or capsule supplements that you can use to boost your immunity. Of course, some might be familiar with...


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