Episode 23: Toning and Strengthening Female Reproductive Health

by | May 21, 2020 | Podcasts | 0 comments

For centuries, women have used herbs to take care of their hormonal system. Generations of grandmother and mothers from ancient cultures have passed on wisdom and knowledge of herbal combinations to regulate period, ease pain, help with the process of childbirth, and ease menopause.

BioScience has now identified ingredients in certain herbs, called plant steroids which support hormonal functions. These herbs have similar properties to our own hormones.

In Western herbalism and Chinese Herbal Medicine, we use herbs for balancing and toning to support the female reproductive system through its full cycle changes.

In Chinese Herbal Medicine, we use many herbs to support women's life cycle, from the first period, pregnancy, and postnatal care to menopause to your last period.

Let's look at the female reproductive organs (or a review if you have taken this subject in high school), types of herbs to help female reproductive organs and tips on helping at each phase of a woman's life.

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