Episode 33: New Skin in 28 Days

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The skin completely renews itself every twenty-eight days. In essence, your skin is no more than a month old at any given moment. Cells in the skin are continuously dying and replacing themselves.

We can renew our skin in a healthy or unhealthy way. How the skin renews itself depends on what we have been eating over the previous days, weeks, and months. One of the benefits of eating well is that fresh blood is drawn continuously to the surface areas of the body, stimulating the skin.

If we eat healthful foods and do the body rub, we can nourish our skin on a daily basis and, as a result, our skin will become younger-looking and more beautiful.

Once past puberty, people of all ages can benefit from the body rub. Healthy skin is slightly shiny and moist. If your skin is healthy, your entire body perspires lightly and easily.

Such skin is smooth, soft to the touch, and resilient. If you push or pull it, it bounces back energetically. Healthy skin looks fresh without the aid of creams and moisturizers and is free of blemishes and pimples.

In this episode, I discuss:
– How to use body rub to move lymph and renew skin
– Why the skin is the body's largest organ
– Acupuncture meridians that run along the skin are connected to the body's internal organs
– Meridians nourish the organs and allow them to discharge excess pressure. They help the internal organs regulate themselves and adjust to the environment.
– The main excretory organs' connection to the skin
– the benefits of the body rub
– How the body rub gives those organs a chance to rest and repair so they can function more easily and efficiently.


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